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Saturday 14 December 2019

Have your say: readers react to Dublin's latest daylight shooting

READERS of have been expressing their outrage and shock at the capital's latest shooting. user comments:

Robert-999 said: 2016 starting out like 1916 with men in pretend uniforms and guns but no clue what to do with either.

Butsy: More like a warning to the hoods who will be at the fight tomorrow :-) Ireland gangs are out of control!!

Petermc: As long as we criminalize drugs this will keep getting worse and worse, turf wars to get a bigger slice of the action, the war on drugs is a lost cause, it cannot be one, regulate, educate, rehabilitate and take it out of the drug dealers hands.

Beansheila: Terrible for all involved. however this happens in every country. Likely drug related. Time to decriminalize and regulate the drug industry and take power away from murderous thugs

Culchieindublin: Oh gosh I actually felt like puking reading this. I know no use to anyone but it's shocking. I feel they will be caught though. Really do.

Facebook comments

Anthony Barry: Gangs going around with ak 47 and 90% of or cops have pepper spray ??? I know there are tasers but know sure do all cops have them but he'll sure do would be no good either . The seriously would want to look at the subject of arming all gaurds . I know not much to do with this situation but if they around now they going to around in the future give our gaurds some chance . Rip to the deceased.

Fionn Forrester: Rip to the deceased. Doesn't matter what the circumstances. NO human has the right to take another fellow humans life.

Mike Rice: Broken Ireland. In the last 25 years it has gone to hell.

Val Webster: That's shocking, that poor child, staff and innocent people caught up in this. I hope the justice minister feels proud. This country is becoming a joke. Nowhere is safe any longer.

Karen Lynch: Absolutely terrifying, it's not safe anywhere anymore, that poor little child, made me cry hearing the fear in the voice

Sinéad Graham: Absolutely Terrifying, the fear In that young child's voice, bless her. It's so scary to know we are not safe anywhere. Poor innocent people caught up in that. Truly shocking

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