Wednesday 17 January 2018

Have you seen this painting? Woman loses one-of-a-kind piece on Christmas night out

'I'm hoping for an early Christmas miracle'

Leanne is hoping for an early 'Christmas miracle'
Leanne is hoping for an early 'Christmas miracle'
Daire Courtney

Daire Courtney

We've all left our phones, keys or ATM cards behind on our Christmas night out - but this woman lost a more unusual item while celebrating in Dublin last weekend.

Leanne Nolan was on a Christmas night out last Friday when she met Colin Peelo, an artist who sells paintings out of Brannigan’s Pub, and bought one of his pieces.

“Like a lot of Dubliners I was out after work, first at a work Christmas dinner, then to meet my partner and some friends for a drink in Brannigan’s pub.

"While there I was introduced to Colin Peelo who sells some amazing paintings from the pub but mainly gives them to charity,” Leanne told

Leanne fell in love with Colin’s large black and white canvas painting of Richard Harris, bought it on the spot and continued to celebrate until closing hours.

“I love Richard Harris, and I love Harry Potter,” Leanne laughed. “I was going to put the painting above my bed!”

“Even though I was already on my third or fourth glass of wine I fell in love with it so much so that my Snapchat story consisted of numerous photos confessing my love for it.”

Leanne and her friends walked to Eden Quay to get a taxi but, in the confusion, the painting was left behind, either in the taxi or set down on the quay.

“This was a painting loved by the painter and then by me and I need to try everything possible as I am heartbroken. I also feel horrible that such a brilliantly painted portrait has gone missing,” Leanne told

“We have posted and shared this across social media and it has already received a good response so I'm hoping the more word we get out there the more it will be a possibility I will get an early Christmas miracle.”

Leanne took photos of the painting for her Snapchat account
Leanne took photos of the painting for her Snapchat account

Colin Peelo, the artist, has been helping with the search on social media by asking fans of his page to keep an eye out.

“If you see anyone with a new huge Richard Harris painting hanging in their house could you ask them if I could have it back,” a post his Facebook page says.

“It's not as if it's a phone or a set of keys or anything, it's a massive painting of Richard Harris.”

The painting is 40cm by 50cm and was done in black and white acrylic paint.

If you see this painting anywhere, you can get in touch with or contact the artist on his Facebook page.

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