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Haul of weapons found in luggage of passenger arriving from USA

A HAUL of weapons including knives and a sword has been seized at Belfast International Airport.

The items were discovered in the baggage of a passenger arriving from London who had travelled from the US.

Officers found an axe, a sword and an assortment of knives which they said were the latest in a series of seizures.

A 22-year-old woman from Co Armagh questioned about the weapons was cautioned and released while inquiries continue.

On a separate flight, two pellet-firing replica pistols found in passengers' baggage were also seized.

John Spence, from Border Force at the airport, said: "It is illegal to bring knives and weapons into Northern Ireland from overseas - just because you can legally buy an item while abroad does not mean you can legally bring it into the UK.

"We are determined to prevent lethal weapons reaching our streets and ignorance of the law is no defence.

"Whether you are trying to deliberately smuggle weapons into Northern Ireland or simply unaware of the controls in place, if you are found breaking the law by carrying banned knives and offensive weapons then you will be stopped, the weapons will be seized and you may face prosecution."

Since the beginning of May officers at the airport have seized more than 150,000 cigarettes and 64 kilos of hand-rolling tobacco from travellers.