Thursday 18 July 2019

Haughey faces huge legal bill

DISGRACED former Taoiseach Charles Haughey is expected to be landed with a huge legal bill today from the Dunnes Tribunal. Chairman Mr Justice Brian McCracken will sit in Dublin Castle to award costs for the various parties represented before the inquiry.It is thought the bill for the Tribunal will not exceed £5m and while the taxpayer may have to pick up the biggest portion, Mr Haughey could find himself footing a significant element of the cost.

The judge will have complete discretion on costs even though there is precedent for costs to be given to all parties who co-operate with the work of the Tribunal.

Because of his lack of co-operation, which forced the Tribunal team to conduct extensive and expensive investigations, Mr Haughey is expected to be ordered to have to pay his own legal costs.

But Mr Justice McCracken might also compel the former Taoiseach to contribute towards the overall costs for the delays and additional expense he inflicted on the inquiry.

Mr Justice McCracken will decide also on whether former Transport Minister Michael Lowry and Ben Dunne should have to pay all or some of their own legal bills or whether they should be borne by the taxpayer.

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