Saturday 24 March 2018

'Harry Potter' has a magical night with victorious minors

Daniel Radcliffe and the Tom Markham cup
Daniel Radcliffe and the Tom Markham cup
Daniel Radcliffe in Dublin's Grafton Street with some of the county's minor footballers
Daniel Radcliffe with the Dublin Minors teampic: Facebook
Laura Butler

Laura Butler

FILM star Daniel Radcliffe was in search of the ultimate "Irish experience" -- and he certainly found it with a group of young GAA players.

The 23-year-old 'Harry Potter' actor managed to "crash" a celebratory night out for the Dublin Minor football team, following their All Ireland win against Meath last weekend.

Radcliffe, who is in Ireland filming new movie 'The F Word', struck up a conversation with three of the players on Grafton Street at 3am on Monday

He then ended up joining the team at a house in Dundrum and stayed way into the early hours.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Dublin defender Conor Mulally said that when they were first approached by Radcliffe, they mistook him for a GAA fan. "When he came over to us we just had a general chat, it didn't dawn on us who he was at all," he said.

"We thought he was a fan from England who had come over for the game.He was small enough and wearing a cap for a disguise, so we just didn't recognise him at first. Then it suddenly hit us who it was -- Daniel Radcliffe was standing beside us. We kept talking for ages and he asked for the Irish experience. I think he was relieved when we realised who he was but was happy that he could just be himself. We asked him all about 'Harry Potter', but we mostly talked about GAA.

"He seemed really interested. He was such a gentleman, so down-to-earth," Mulally added.

Mulally and his team mates took Radcliffe in a taxi to the home of team captain, David Byrne.

"We were walking by and a few people did stop and say to us, 'That's a Daniel Radcliffe lookalike.'

And we were like, 'Oh yeah, what are you talking about, that's one of our friends'," Mulally said.

"He said that's what it's like for him all the time but said he was glad he felt like he could relax with us and just be chilled."

He is believed to have left the house party at 5am to return to the Shelbourne Hotel.

"He said he was really enjoying Dublin and would like to go out with us again. Then he asked for all of our numbers," said Mulally.

The footballer told FM104's Strawberry Alarm Clock yesterday that the actor was forced to borrow taxi fare, after he realised that he did not have any money on him.

"He had to be back on set for 8am so we had to give him money for the taxi back.

Again, (myself) and Niall Walsh paid for his taxi home again to the Shelbourne. He owes me. He owes me big time."

Last year, Radcliffe explained that he had become a 'teetotaller', after admitting that his alcohol drinking became a problem.

"My life is a lot better and less chaotic since I stopped drinking," he said.

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