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Sunday 17 December 2017

Hard-necked Mubarak might shake things up a little here

Jason O'Brien Twitter: @jasonpobrien

THE grass is always greener and all that, but it all looks vastly more exciting in Egypt. The weather's better, and perhaps the humour is too.

"Egyptian crowd are chanting... 'you are worse than Cowen'," Gerard Wyer reported of those celebrating Hosni Mubarak's long-delayed resignation in Cairo.

Mr Mubarak could teach even Fianna Fail a thing or two about clinging to power when everyone wants you out.

Might he now be parachuted in as director of elections? It would certainly shake things up, and we'd all be grateful for that, Hosni.

And you wouldn't be the only one with a hard neck involved, we promise.

"Election is happening because the Green Party made it happen -- Gormley," Suzy Byrne reported the Green Party leader as claiming.

That brought a predictable deluge of derision, but we're all entitled to our own opinion (even if we are wrong, John).

His bizarre claim was made at the party's manifesto launch. No sign of Paul Gogarty at it. Or, indeed, his daughter. "Too busy canvassing," he said, presumably referring to himself.

That launch was getting no love yesterday.

"No coffee, no nothing," RTE's Fergal Keane said, his tongue presumably in cheek. "Not even a lettuce leaf. No respect for the magesty of the press. 0/10".

Over on rival channel Newstalk, George Hook announced there will be no politicians on his show between now and polling day.

An odd decision, perhaps, for a current affairs show.

Some agreed with his stance, presumably fearing they will lapse into a coma if they hear much more of this dross. Others weren't quite so kind.

"George you're showing the journalistic instincts of an out half playing in the front row," Tommie Lehane said. "Out of your depth. Enjoy the easy stuff!"

He probably will.

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