Monday 19 March 2018

Happy families: twin cow gives birth to four calves

Mark O'Regan

Mark O'Regan

DON'T have a cow -- have four instead.

A farmer was stunned to see a cow give birth to four healthy calves in rapid succession.

Quadruplet calves are extremely rare, but this Wexford bovine is no stranger to giving birth -- she's produced a total of six offspring in less than one year.

Farmer Nigel Bailey from Gorey, pictured above with his sons Craig and Aaron, couldn't believe his eyes when the calves just kept on coming after his cow went into labour a little over a week ago.

"She is a twin herself, and she had twins last year," he said.

The odds of a cow giving birth to quadruplets is reported to be about one in 700,000. Many cows do not survive if they have multiple foetuses inside the womb.

A cow from Nanjing, China, set the record. She had quadruplets in December of 2003 and was entered into Guinness World Records.

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