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Hannigan gets all excitable on victory jaunt to Hollande HQ

AFTER his trip to Paris with Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore to bask in Francois Hollande's glow at the weekend, Dominic Hannigan was back on solid earth yesterday, emphasising how the campaign would be won "on the ground talking to people".

Mr Gilmore and Mr Hollande are socialist chums in the PES European grouping and comrades have to show solidarity with each other in victory, if not defeat.

Mr Hannigan, now Mr Gilmore's favourite backbencher, was brought along for the jaunt, as were advisers Mark Garrett and Jean O'Mahony.

Indeed, so chuffed was Mr Hannigan that he tweeted through the weekend as excitedly as a teenager at a One Direction concert.

"In Paris with Eamon on the way to Hollande's HQ," shrieked Dominic via Twitter. "It seems like the result will be tight here!" A right socialist carry on, comrade.

Mr Gilmore's handlers were quick to insist the bill was picked up by the Labour Party and not the Government.

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