Monday 19 February 2018

'Hang on mum, Barack wants a word . . .'

Fiona Ellis

Mr Obama talking to Glynis Walls on the phone and (right) Glynis with her daughter Jessica. Julien Behal/PA Wire

A woman was stunned yesterday evening when her daughter put her on the phone to the most powerful man in the world.

Glynis Walls, from Skerries in Co Dublin, was at home when she got an excited call from her daughter Jessica, who had just shaken hands with US President Barack Obama at College Green yesterday. She spoke to Jessica for a few minutes before the excited teenager rang off.

When Jessica rang back moments later, Glynis had no idea she would become a part of Mr Obama's historic visit to Ireland.

While Mr Obama was still in earshot Jessica had asked would he speak to her mother on the phone because she really admired him. He agreed and Glynis received the call she'll "remember all her life".

"Jessica called me and said: 'Mum, somebody wants to speak to you.' Then he gets on the phone. He said: 'Who am I speaking to.' And I said: 'Glynis.'

"I said: 'Oh my God, Mr president, it is such an honour to speak to you.'

"He said: 'Your daughter's here having a great time.' And I said: 'Maybe that's down to yourself and this historic event.'

"As soon as I finished speaking to him I thought: 'Oh my God, I'm after speaking to the president of the United States.' It was incredible."

Glynis said that she will never forget the conversation -- but will also never forget that her daughter thought of her amidst all the excitement.

Glynis said that she's always been a fan of Mr Obama. "I so admire him, I think his speeches are amazing," she said. "I love to listen to him.

"Jessie's going to remember it, too. It's a piece of living history. This will always be in her head that she got to shake hands with Barack Obama and gave him the phone to talk to her mother."

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