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Hanafin 'won't rule out' bid for Presidency

FORMER government minister Mary Hanafin says she would not rule out running for President, writes Mark O'Regan.

"I've come to expect the unexpected," she told the Irish Independent when asked about future political ambitions.

"I've lived my life watching things happen around me that I don't expect, so I never rule anything out.

"But I'll watch over the next few years and see what the public want and what contribution I can make," she said.

The former Dun Laoghaire TD made the comments at the launch of Mary McAleese's new book, where she paid tribute to the former President.

"Very often, when people leave political or public life they feel they should take a back seat.

"But she is doing it in the right way in taking a different direction because she's not in any way stepping on the toes of the current President and yet she still has so much to offer," she said.

Ms Hanafin will soon be off to the US, to lecture on education policy.

Irish Independent