Friday 20 April 2018

Half-built ghost estate houses 'could collapse'

Treacy Hogan Environment Correspondent

HALF-FINISHED houses in ghost estates could eventually collapse, a Government report has warned.

And it has recommended that local authorities who cannot get developers to finish ghost housing estates should do the work themselves and then pass on the bill to the builders.

The report, published by the Department of the Environment, focuses on the 2,800 ghost estates in which 33,000 houses and apartments are lying idle.

It warns half-finished houses could become structurally unsound and have gable walls blown down by wind.

If owners refuse to make them safe, councils can step in, do the work, and then try and recover the costs.

The report also warns that where developers have walked away, it could be difficult to sell off homes because the paperwork may not be available.

It recommends the establishment of site resolution plans by developers, financial institutions and, investors, under local authority guidance.

Fine Gael housing spokesman Terence Flanagan said the draft guide for managing these estates offered " only a glimmer of hope" to people.

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