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Hair-raising tricks won't keep drivers awake

SOME tired drivers trap their hair in the sunroof to avoid falling asleep at the wheel, it was claimed yesterday.

However, the country's road safety chief say such "tricks" to beat driver fatigue will not work.

As gardai prepare to mount extra checkpoints over the bank holiday weekend, Road Safety Authority (RSA) chief executive Noel Brett said research showed driver fatigue was behind as many as one in every five road deaths here.

Research conducted by the RSA into driver fatigue reveal two-in-five motorists believe rolling down the windows will combat tiredness.

Mr Brett said: "We've heard many stories about how people stay awake behind the wheel of the car, including rolling down the windows, turning up the music and even trapping their hair in the sun roof.

"Although these are certainly creative, they don't work and will not stop you falling asleep if you're tired."

Irish Independent