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WHEN a group of hairdressers got together to raise funds to feed the homeless, they took a hair-off/hands-on approach. One of those behind the project, Aidan Fitzgerald, who has a salon in Blackrock, Co Dublin, didn't just want to hand over the money -- he wanted to be on hand to help, handing out dinners on Christmas Day and on the days that followed.

A network of friends in the business, including Hugh McAllister Snr of the Grafton Barber, and Maeve O'Healy-Hart, as well as suppliers to the industry and even ordinary customers had contributed more than €10,000 to this special fund. Aidan and other hairdressers raised funds by shaving their own heads and they insisted on being hands-on in handing out the dinners.

Two of the centres which benefited from their generosity were the Capuchin Day Centre and the Merchants Quay Project, both in central Dublin, where last week hundreds of homeless people got to sit down to at least one hearty dinner at Christmas.

Sunday Independent