Saturday 18 November 2017

Guinness-swigging 'Pint Baby's' identity revealed after internet meltdown

Steven as a baby with his Guinness on RTÉ’s ‘Nationwide’
Steven as a baby with his Guinness on RTÉ’s ‘Nationwide’

Amy Mulvaney and Sasha Brady

The identity of Irish internet sensation 'Pint Baby' has been revealed as 20-year-old Steven Barron from Kildare.

A clip from an archived episode of RTÉ's 'Nationwide' became a massive hit on social media at the weekend and turned an oblivious bystander into an overnight sensation.

The 'Nationwide' clip, which was shared by RTÉ journalist Cian McCormack online, shows a scene from inside Daly's Bar in Ennistymon, Co Clare, in which a small baby sits at the bar with what appears to be a pint of Guinness in his tiny hands.

Mr Barron's mother Caroline said she was notified that the video was doing the rounds again when a friend in America tagged her in it on Facebook.

"I got tagged in it on Facebook from my friend in America asking if it was me and Steven and sure enough it was. Twenty years later there it is," she told the Irish Independent.

"It was a great day. 'Nationwide' was filming and there was great fun going on in the pub.

"Everyone was there for the novelty of 'Nationwide' being there and we got caught on the camera with Steven having a sup of the Guinness.

"There wasn't a bother on him sure."

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Since the clip went viral, she said that their phone hadn't stopped ringing with friends and family getting in contact.

Cheers: Steven Barron enjoys a Guinness with mum Caroline. Photo: Colin O'Riordan
Cheers: Steven Barron enjoys a Guinness with mum Caroline. Photo: Colin O'Riordan

"It's absolutely phenomenal. There are people texting, calling, emailing us," she said.

"It's just gone off the scale. It's ridiculous. The phone is on fire."

However Mr Barron, aka 'Pint Baby' said he hopes the nickname doesn't stick around.

"Some of it's been a bit of slagging and messing but most of it is all good," he said.

"Hopefully 'Pint Baby' won't stick around for the next 20 years."

Mr Barron, who hopes to be a blacksmith, said he still enjoys having the odd pint of Guinness.

His mother believes that drinking the odd sup of Guinness all those years ago didn't do him any harm.

"I'd drink a pint of Guinness the odd time now," he said.

"There's nothing to dipping a soother in a pint of Guinness," Caroline said.

"There's nutrition in the pint of Guinness. It didn't do him any harm. He turned out well.

"That could be any child in Ireland, even to this day. There was no harm in it at all."

Mr Barron joked: "I'm just the only one who got caught doing it."

The segment from 'Nationwide' was a feature on well known local matchmaker Willie Daly who spoke about the lack of single women in Co Clare.

The image of Mr Barron drinking the pint has triggered countless memes.

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