Tuesday 20 March 2018

GSOC boss tells Oireachtas Committee he is focussing on 'internal mole'

Nicola Anderson

Simon O'Brien tells committee he expects further leaks from secret report to emerge

The chairman of GSoc Simon O Brien has said he is focusing on an internal mole within his organisation - but said he "cannot rule out" the possibility that it could have been a member of the Garda Siochana.

Mr O Brien admitted it was an "unpalatable possibility" to hear that he had to include this possibility of garda involvement in a potential list of suspects.

He also admitted that it was probable that further leaks from the secret report will come out in the same Sunday newspaper which published details of a breach of security at his office.

Mr O Brien said seven people knew of the contents of the secret report while ten knew that a "sweep" was being done of their office by a team of UK experts.

An internal investigation is being carried out within GSOC to find out who was responsible, he told members of a Joint Committee on Oversight.

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