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Group plans ?50m private hospital

PLANS were announced last night for a private hospital outside Dundalk which will provide full maternity services and cardiac care.

The ?50m 50-bed Manor Park Hospital will be operated by Dundalk Health Care Development whose directors include three local GPs and three businessmen.

They have retained Brookgate Developments to construct the hospital and it is expected to open its doors at the end of next year.

"This is a huge project for Dundalk and the North East and will create at least two medical jobs. It will provide services that to date both public and private patients have had to travel outside of the region for," said Dr Mary Grehan, one of the GPs behind the project.

Maternity services ceased in the health-board-run Louth County Hospital in Dundalk nearly three years ago.

Full cardiac care, including all but by-pass surgery, will also be provided and the developers are seeking planning permission for a four-star hotel adjacent to the hospital. If granted it will be the first four-star hotel in the county.

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