Group issues anti-pylon demand

The propsed construction of overhead pylons by Eirgrid through County Wexford is being met with growing opposition. Newsdesk

A major anti-pylon group has demanded that Eirgrid withdraw its overhead cabling option in a major submission on a controversial energy corridor project, writes Ralph Riegel.

Comeraghs Against Pylons (CAP) has submitted a 65-page report to Eirgrid in which the group sets out its case for the 45m-high 'super-pylons' to be dropped from all considerations in the Waterford area.

CAP, in a report commissioned from Cunnane Stratton Reynolds, argued that erecting such giant pylons across one of Ireland's most scenic landscapes would be "a gross act of environmental vandalism and professional negligence".

"It will leave a permanent scar across the unique geological landscape of the Comeraghs," a CAP spokesperson said.

Eirgrid has considered alternatives for the 250km Cork-Kildare/Dublin network - one underground and one above ground.