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Gritting the roads -- a county by county breakdown

LOCAL authorities are facing a crisis as the country is gripped by icy weather. Many are running out of grit and are awaiting deliveries to make roads safe.


Over 100km gritted daily at a cost of just over €2,500 per night. Will run out today and has spread over 800 tonnes. The cost so far is €60,000.


Local and regional roads are not being gritted. Adequate stocks for national roads. Expecting a delivery of 200 tonnes later in the week.


Five days' supply left for 550km of roads.

Cork city

Grit and salt supplies are adequate for ongoing road treatment.

Cork county

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Struggling to keep roads ice free, and needs to grit roads up to four times a week.


Around 4,000 tonnes of grit spread on 1,200km of road for the past 19 days. Expects 180 tonnes to arrive by tomorrow


Grits 250km of road every night, but not estates, footpaths and approach roads because it does not have the supplies.

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown

Gritting 250km of road, but not housing estates. It uses 70 tonnes per day and expects a further delivery later this week. Fingal

Around 100 tonnes used each night but this has been scaled back.

Galway city

Covering several hundred miles a day using a mixture of salt and grit. Salt has run out. A delivery is expected this week.

Galway county

One hundred and fifty tonnes of salt being used per night but cannot source new supplies.


Around 120 tonnes of grit a day is being used.


Covering 140 miles of national routes each day and up to 150 miles of regional and local roads.


The council is gritting 350km of road and has a week's supply of grit.


Around 500 tonnes of salt used compared with 1,800 tonnes over the entire winter last year. Gritting on national roads only until Friday, when more is expected to be delivered.

Limerick city

Some 200 tonnes of grit used to keep 40km of road in the city open. No shortages yet. Limerick county

Six hundred tonnes of salt used to date on 700km of road. Enough supplies to last until Friday.


Enough grit for the next three or four days and will be under pressure if the next delivery, due on Thursday or Friday, does not arrive.


Grits 400km of road a night. Has stock for six or seven days.


Gritting 10pc of its roads, which carry 90pc of traffic.


Gritting 460km of road and has enough grit for six days.

North Tipperary

Crews are gritting around 310km of roadway each night. Is working on a night-to-night basis in terms of how much grit is available. Hopes to get another delivery from Cork today. The gritting has cost €12,000.


Gritting 270km of road and has around six days' supply of grit left with the next delivery due by Friday.


Treating national roads and 129km of regional roads regularly. Enough salt for two more days.

South Dublin

Gritted 343km of road twice a day since mid-December. Stockpiled 25 days' supply (750 tonnes) but is running short. South Tipperary

Council is gritting around 400km of roadway and has enough grit to last for four days.

Waterford city/county

Fresh supplies of road salt were obtained yesterday and further shipments due over the next two weeks.


Treating 460km of roadway and expecting a delivery tomorrow when it is due to run out.


Up to 300km of road being gritted every day, one-third regional roads. Does not have enough salt to last until the weekend despite a delivery on the way.


Around 530km of road gritted every day. Supplies are running low but more expected to be delivered.

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