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Greens still plan to stay until key bill passed

THE Green Party last night stuck to its decision to stay in Government until the Finance Bill is passed because it is in the "national interest".

Party leader John Gormley said his party was critical of the Taoiseach Brian Cowen for not putting details of his contacts with Anglo Irish Bank into the public domain sooner.

But Mr Gormley said he was satisfied the most recent "serious allegations" made by former Anglo boss David Drumm had been rejected "fairly categorically" by the former head of the NTMA Michael Somers.

And he said the Greens would be sticking to their November decision to stay in Government until the Finance Bill is passed -- despite the current controversy surrounding Mr Cowen and the Fianna Fail-led Government.


"It is difficult in these circumstances, no question," Mr Gormley said.

And he refused to answer a series of questions about the future of Mr Cowen as leader of Fianna Fail, claiming the affairs of Fianna Fail were for Fianna Fail to deal with.

"They (Fianna Fail) have to choose who their leader is and if they want to continue with Mr Cowen," the Green Party leader said. "They don't have any say in who we choose and likewise we don't have any say on that matter."

Asked if his party would support the nomination of a third Taoiseach, Mr Gormley said it was a "hypothetical situation" which had not arisen.

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