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Greens' plan to go to the poles

THERE are many who think the Green Party has got nothing out of being in government. Green Party supporters, for example. And Fianna Fail negotiators -- when they can stop sniggering.

But it could just be that John Gormley et al are having the last laugh, as a new report by an environmental think tank says that economic growth is impossible if the climate is to be protected. And what has happened since the Greens got into power? The dramatic collapse of the Irish economy. A coincidence? Maybe that's what Greens want us to think, while secretly they're working from within to stymie any recovery.

Look on the bright side. It may be bad news for Irish jobs and businesses, but at least the polar bears will be happy. Now if only the Greens can get enough of them signed up to the electoral register, they might even have a chance of grabbing sufficient votes next time round to keep the masterplan, aka Operation Economic Suicide, on track.

Though even if they don't, the public sector unions show every sign of managing the total meltdown of the Irish economy very well by themselves, thank you very much, as they engage on a nationwide work to rule to protest against reality... sorry, I mean pay cuts introduced in the last Budget. Peter McLoone of ICTU's Public Services Committee also warned the government last week to think long and hard before imposing any further pay cuts, or the current dispute could escalate -- a chilling warning which would probably carry more weight had it not come from a man with the word "loon" in his name.

Eilis O'Hanlon

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