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Greens 'guarantee' fuel allowance rise

GREEN Party ministers last night claimed that they had secured increases in the fuel allowance that would compensate the elderly for the rising cost of heating their homes.

Leader John Gormley previously pledged an 11pc increase in the fuel allowance to ensure that social welfare recipients would not be impacted by the new carbon levy.

Last night, he insisted there would be compensation for those on social welfare to offset the rising costs of home heating fuels as winter begins.

But he refused to say how much would be provided or if the figure of 11pc still stood as negotiations were continuing at cabinet level and with the Department of Finance.

It is understood that Finance Minister Brian Lenihan recently argued against increasing the fuel allowance at a time when the Government was preparing for savage cutbacks elsewhere.

But when asked last night if there would be compensation for the elderly, Mr Gormley said: "Absolutely, there will."

Irish Independent