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Monday 20 November 2017

Great grandmother attempts to reunite Jack Russell with owner and pups

Jason Kennedy

Jason Kennedy

This great grandmother is fighting cancer and undergoing treatment.

But when she came across this little Jack Russell - who was crying for her missing pups - she decided to take action.

Kind-hearted Martina Keogh is now attempting to reunite the terrier with her missing litter.

Martina, who lives in Dublin city centre, has been looking after rescue animals since she was a child.

She discovered the terrier on Bolton Street on Friday morning last, and is of the belief that the little dog ran away from its home after she was scared of fireworks. 

Ms Keogh is currently undergoing chemotherapy and doesn't have the same energy levels she used to have.

However, despite her own illness, she is concerned the terrier's pups will not survive without their heartbroken mother.

"She's full of milk so she's obviously feeding pups. I would worry about the pups if she's not reunited with them soon," she said.

"She's missing them. She's crying and looking around for them. She knows she has pups, but she just can't find them.

"She's such a lovely dog. She's so placid and there's no aggression in her, so she's obviously well loved."

Ms Keogh is known locally for taking in and bottle-feeding lost kittens and pups, but due to her health issues and time spent in the hospital, she's not able to do as much work with animals as she used to.

"I'm in the hospital a lot and I'm getting chemo and on chemo tablets as well. I'm tired a little more, but I still try and do my best for the likes of this [dog] now. I still wouldn't turn a little dog away."

The dog was found by a friend of Ms Keogh on Friday morning on Bolton Street.

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