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Gravediggers calls time on enjoying a pint outside


Kavanagh's in Glasnevin

Kavanagh's in Glasnevin

Kavanagh's in Glasnevin

One of the most famous pubs in Dublin has been told by gardai not to allow anyone to take drink or food outside its premises.

Since 1833, Dubliners have long enjoyed drinking pints outside the iconic John Kavanagh’s bar in Glasnevin, more commonly known to Dubliners as The Gravediggers.

This practice has now come to a halt following instructions from gardai.

Manager of the family-owned bar, Kathleen Kavanagh, told the Herald she will not protest the ruling. 

“There’s a law stating that we cannot have anyone outside drinking,” she said. 

“We’ll be obeying the guards and that’s all to be said about it.”

However, Fine Gael TD Noel Rock said the decision was “a great pity and a loss for Dublin”.

“On some of the few nice days we get in the summer, it’s always nice to buy a red lemonade or whatever and sit outside on the grass,” he said. “The venue in my experience is very attentive to the appearance of the locality, ensuring the area is well-maintained and thoroughly cleaned and making sure people aren’t outside beyond a certain hour.

“I think it’s a real pity and a loss for the city.

“While I appreciate An Garda Siochana were only doing their jobs in giving these instructions, I believe it is short-sighted and a common sense middle ground should be found here.”

Mr Rock added that a more user-friendly approach was needed.

“It is a local and tourist hotspot and brings a lively energy to the locality,” he said.

“I believe the north side of Dublin needs more places like this, where locals and visitors can share a wonderful space that takes pride in its hospitality.”

One of The Gravediggers’ best-loved characteristics is that it has no televisions, radios or singing or dancing. The pub was named as one of Lonely Planet’s 50 Hidden Gems in 2014.

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