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Grandmother praises young children who used life-saving CPR when she collapsed


Ursula with Katelyn and Nathan. Pic: Courtesy of The Irish Sun

Ursula with Katelyn and Nathan. Pic: Courtesy of The Irish Sun

Ursula with Katelyn and Nathan. Pic: Courtesy of The Irish Sun

A grandmother has praised her grandson and a neighbour who used life-saving CPR on her when she collapsed in her home.

Nathan (4) Higginbottom and his friend Katelyn (6) were with his granny Ursula Doran O’Reilly (58) when she had a seizure and began to faint.

Luckily, just days before Ursula's health scare, Katelyn’s dad had shown her how to do CPR.

“They’re brilliant children,” she said.

“Because of Katelyn’s instructions from her Dad on how to do CPR and save lives - basic first aid - they looked after me so well. I was unconscious and don’t have any recollection of it – it could have been about 40 minutes.”

“She took control, organised how to do it, lay me down, turned me on my side, kept me warm. The only thing she couldn’t do is the mouth-to-mouth because I had bitten my tongue during the seizure and was covered in blood.”

“She turned me on my side, she taught Nathan how to do compressions,” she told Today FM’s Anton Savage show.

The story first appeared in today's 'Irish Sun'.

“Katelyn being so confident in what her father taught her, she kept Nathan calm. Had he been on his own with me, the story wouldn’t have been as nice.”

Katelyn told Anton who her dad works in the air corps in Baldonnel, Dublin, and he taught her how to save lives.

“[He taught me] only a few days ago before she took a stroke. She said she didn’t feel well and then she just fell on the couch and said I’m going to faint. She started moving her hand very slowly, then we just went up for help,” the six-year-old said.

“I [held] her nose, I couldn’t blow into her mouth because she bit her tongue.”

“We went up to get help… I said [to Nathan] push your nanny’s chest and she’ll get better, and then she got better when the ambulance came.”

Ursula, who is still undergoing tests, says she is immensely proud of the children.

“I’m fine now, I’ve to go to have a brain scan and a few other tests due to previous health issues… bits of confusion in the first few days following it but otherwise that could be just my age,” Ursula said.

“I’m used to health issues but for him it was a calming experience because of Katelyn. Had she not been taught by her father, she probably wouldn’t have known what to do.”

“The fact that Katelyn’s father had gone through all that with her. She took control and looked after me and Nathan and then went for help.”

“Nathan told his mother: ‘I was a little bit brave and a little bit sad for my nanny’.”

 “Wouldn’t it be amazing to teach first aid in primary school?”

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