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Monday 19 February 2018

Grafton Street viral video: Ugly scenes started ‘over roll topping’

Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

TWO women were removed from a store on Dublin’s Grafton Street after starting a protest because the deli did not have their desired roll topping.

A video of the incident, shot by freelance journalist Oisin Gregorian, went viral over the weekend with over 100,000 views on YouTube.

“We were out on Easter Sunday and heading up towards the taxis at the top of Grafton Street when we stopped into the shop”, he told

“There were no staff at the tills in the shop as all their efforts were over at the deli counter

“The girls were asking for a particular topping for the roll which wasn’t available so they decided to sit down on the floor like a pair of toddlers.”

The 23-year-old DIT graduate said no one in the store appeared to be intimidated by the incident – most people just looked embarrassed.

The group of young men who threw abuse at the women outside the store at the end of the video had been caught behind them in the queue – and were delayed getting their food.

Despite the huge success of the video online the journalist decided to take it down after the girls got in touch.

“They got in touch with me with a big sob story about how the video had affected them,” he said.

However he says in hindsight he wished he’d left it up, as it highlighted an important issue.

“This needs to be highlighted, they were well over the age of 21. I’ve had a mainly positive reaction to the video, but I have experienced some trolling to my Twitter account as well.”

Another eyewitness, 35-year-old Linda Masterson, said the girls behaved like ‘little brats’. She praised the shop staff for their patience in dealing with them.

“The girls threw themselves on the floor, they were kicking bottles and throwing things off the shelves.

“It was a disgrace. They weren’t one bit sorry or embarrassed and were laughing the whole time.

“There was no excuse for the way they behaved, it was like watching a little spoiled brat having a tantrum.

“The shop guys were really patient with them. They politely asked them to leave and it was only when they started throwing bottles at other customers that they removed them.”

The video opens with the two women lying on the ground at the deli counter, kicking their feet up in the air and laughing as the shop's staff try to remove them.

Both females had their rolls in their hand as they lay on the floor where 7-up bottles and fresh apples rolled around.

Customers were hit by the bottles of 7-up and one shouted “stop throwing.”

Outside the shop, the first girl is told “good riddance” as she lies on the street outside.

She then says “that is the funniest thing I have ever come across.”

The second woman was carried out of the shop by two people in the shop, one taking her arms and the other taking her legs.

She 's then lifted to her feet by a stranger outside. Outside the shop, one of the young women shouts “where's my f*cking phone?”

She tries to re-enter the shop but is pushed back by a customer, before both women leave and walk down Grafton Street together.

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