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GP found guilty after doling out addictive medicines

A GP accused of oversubscribing addictive tranquilliser drugs to several patients has been found guilty of poor professional performance.

Dr Mohammad Ahmed Khan, who has a practice in Dublin's Wicklow Street, told a fitness to practice hearing at the Irish Medical Council last Thursday that he accepted the findings against him.

He had over-prescribed benzodiazepines -- a tranquilliser drug that includes Valium and is used to treat a range of conditions, including anxiety -- to four patients in terms of both quantity and the duration of the prescription.

Dr Khan faced five charges, including placing "undue reliance" on the drug and failing to comply with or observe good- practice guidelines in relation to their prescription.

He was also charged with failing to make adequate inquiries as to other treatment patients may have been receiving, failing to arrange for a referral to a specialist and failing to prescribe the most appropriate medicine.

The Medical Council posted the ruling of its committee on its website yesterday.

It found each charge proven, finding him guilty of poor professional performance, on the basis that Dr Khan had admitted them ahead of the inquiry.

It will meet at a later, unspecified date to decide what, if any sanctions will be taken against the doctor.

The issue came to light when pharmacist John Irwin noticed the prescription levels and reported his concerns to the council in December 2010.

Irish Independent