Wednesday 13 December 2017

Government criticised over rising unemployment

Richard Bruton, Fine Gael enterprise spokesman, said about one third of those on the register were now classed long-term unemployed.

"The ever-rising unemployment figures represent the human cost of this Government's failed policies," Mr Bruton said.

"Other countries have seen their unemployment levels stabilise, but Ireland's dole queues continue to grow.

"And with Irish nationals representing the entire increase in the live register over the last 12 months, the recession is hitting Irish families more than ever before."

He added: "The Government's blinkered focus of writing whatever cheque is necessary to keep failed banks alive has blinded them to the human cost being felt in every corner and community of this country, and to the policy options that could make a difference."

Arthur Morgan, Sinn Fein enterprise spokesman, said: "More young people than ever are graduating into an economy that does not have sufficient work for them, leaving them with little choice but to emigrate or to stagnate on welfare payments."

He added: "We need to realise a Smart Economy is one where Fianna Fail and their cohort of banker and developer friends are not at the helm."

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