Monday 23 October 2017

GoSafe road network saving lives . . . and money

Treacy Hogan

THE Road Safety Authority puts the cost of every road death in Ireland at €2.5m.

The sum is based on the latest actuarial information when lost potential earnings and corresponding PAYE and PRSI payments, state support -- such as payment to widows -- and loss of job skills are factored in.

The figure on the cost to the State also includes the bill for emergency response care, health and hospital treatment and coroner court inquests.

The 32 fewer deaths linked to the private speed cameras so far this year means that the GoSafe operation has already saved the State a total of €80m in the annual bill for road deaths.

In addition, the 100 serious injuries prevented at a cost of €350,000 each based on hospital care, orthopaedic operations, long-stay rehab and social welfare payments, represents a further saving of €35m.

With a total of €115m saved, the cameras -- costing €16m a year -- have already paid for themselves many times over, irrespective of the revenue generated for the State from drivers who still speed in the clearly marked camera zones.

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