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Gormley labels FF leadership saga 'a distraction'

THE Fianna Fail leadership saga has been a "distraction" from the business of government, Green Party leader John Gormley claimed last night.

Mr Gormley refused to speculate about the rolling leadership controversy in Fianna Fail -- insisting it was a matter strictly for Fianna Fail.

But he conceded Fianna Fail's leadership issues, which have dominated headlines for a week, had been a "distraction" from governmental business.

"To be quite honest with you, I think it has been a distraction. That's why we're quite anxious that it is over now," Mr Gormley said.

"We need to get back to doing what the Government should be doing and that's governing the country and getting on with that business."

A "definitive decision" about the leadership was needed so the Finance Bill could be published and a general election called, the Green Party leader added.

"I believe that we should have an election shortly after the Finance Bill. There should be a date set. I think it's possible, as I've always said, to have that in March. I don't see any reason why it can't be in March," the Environment Minister said.

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