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'Gorillas aren't fans of the Irish' - Angry ape throws rock at tourists who visit him in zoo

A gorilla at Berlin zoo shows a group of Irish tourists exactly what he thinks of their company as he throws a rock directly at them.

Stefan Nolan (23) from Cork uploaded a video of the incident online.

He and four of his friends - James (23), Niall (23), Darragh (27) and John (25) – were on holiday when it happened.

“We left on the Friday from Shannon and were due back Monday night,” Stefan told Independent.ie.

“After a couple of days walking and three nights out on the trot, it’s safe to say we were fairly shook on the Monday.

“Our flight wasn’t until 7.30pm that evening and we needed something to keep us from curling up into balls of ‘fear’,” he added.

The group visited the nearby Zoo to keep them occupied before their flight home.

“We strolled for about half an hour looking at the different animals before coming to the primate section.

“After laughing at the red arses on the baboons like school children we moved down to the Gorilla section.

“It was pretty amazing seeing him at first to be honest and we went closer to get a better look,” he added.

Stefan was so impressed with the gorilla that he decided to film it on his phone.

The gorilla approached the group and, unexpectedly, began throwing rocks and sods of ground at them.

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"Apparently gorillas aren't a fan of the Irish," he said.

“None of us got hurt, thankfully, although it was pretty close.

“We just got out of there as quick as we could to be safe.

“We all just burst out laughing after we were out of range,” he added.

When asked why he thought they were targets, he explained that when he got home he found similar videos with the same gorilla.

“He seems to miss people with his throws on the other YouTube videos as well, so I've a feeling it's more to do with boredom than being some sort of malicious act,” he said.

“I’d imagine he’s just sick of people gawking at him every day, with no respite except for being moved back into a cage of some sorts at night,” he added.

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