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Google says it dismissed manager for 'lack of positivity'

GOOGLE Dublin dismissed one of its senior managers months after voicing concerns about her "resistance to change" and "lack of positivity", an Employment Appeals Tribunal has heard.

Rachel Berthold was dismissed from her job in May 2011 after allegedly failing to meet a series of criteria set out for her by the company, which has its European headquarters in Dublin.

She has taken an unfair dismissal case against Google, which contends that it invested significant time in a performance expectation plan for Ms Berthold with targets for her to meet.

Lawyers for Google told the tribunal yesterday that when Ms Berthold failed to meet these targets – and following two written warnings – a decision was made to terminate her employment.

Ms Berthold began working for Google in 2008 and managed a services team of up to 12 people, which supported 300 to 400 of Google's clients across 22 countries.

The tribunal heard that she was employed as a 'level six' manager, a rank that put her among the top 7pc of the company's Dublin employees.


Ms Berthold's manager, Anne-Catrin Sallaba, told the hearing that evaluation tests Google sets for all its employees identified serious deficiencies in Ms Berthold's work.

Between July 30 and September 8, 2010, seven meetings took place between Ms Berthold and Ms Sallaba to examine progress and provide coaching and mentoring.

In January 2011, a performance review meeting with Ms Berthold concluded she was not 'meeting the milestones' that had been set out which included developing a business expectation and a strategy plan for her section.

Ms Sallaba said following this meeting, a second and final warning was issued to Ms Berthold about her performance, however, when she failed to carry out a number of specified actions by May 2011 her employment was terminated.

The hearing was adjourned until July 3 when Ms Berthold is due to give evidence.

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