Friday 20 April 2018

Google revenue diverted through Ireland 'to make amends for Black & Tans', suggests British MP


Geraldie Gittens

Comments made by a British MP at a parliamentary committee hearing suggest The British government are making amends for the the Black and Tans with a relaxed policy on taxation

During yesterday's meeting of the House of Commons public accounts committee, one of the Labour party's MPs Austin Mithchell suggested that Britain was allowing revenue to blow into Ireland in a bid to make amends for the Black and Tans.

The comments came as Britain's top tax officials have indicated that they're investigating internet giant Google over claims that the company diverts British profits through Ireland and on to Bermuda.

Mr Mitchell has sparked outrage by his comments. He said: "I suggested in our discussions last week that this was some way of making amends for the Black and Tans, that all of this revenue should go to Ireland."

"Why can't we tax in this country, profits made in this country?"

Before making the  comments about the Black and Tans, Mr Mitchell alluded to a "double Irish Dutch sandwich".

The public accounts committee is looking at the financial affairs of multinational companies.

The British Revenue said in response that it liaises with countries across the world that are grappling with the same businesses that Britain is grappling with.

Richard Murphy, Director of Tax Research UK told RTE Radio's Morning Ireland that he doesn't know exactly where Mr Mitchell's comments about the Black and Tans came from.

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