Tuesday 24 October 2017

Good Samaritan stabbed after trying to help woman and baby

Barry Duggan

A GOOD Samaritan was viciously assaulted and stabbed repeatedly at his home after he attempted to help a woman with a baby.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Brian Gleeson's father Martin revealed his 30-year-old son only moved into the small house less than a month ago to be nearer to work.

He thought it was a "safe house" but clearly someone had other intentions, Martin said.

Mr Gleeson's home in Limerick city was set alight by his assailants yesterday morning as he staggered from the area looking for assistance following the attack.

Gardai were last night interviewing one of the prime suspects who cruelly assaulted the betting shop manager.

It is understood the culprits are drug addicts and had an infant with them when Mr Gleeson was stabbed.

One of the suspected culprits is a 22-year-old man who is well known to the gardai and the courts. He was arrested yesterday afternoon along with a woman in her 20s.

In the early hours of yesterday morning, it is believed that the victim heard noises outside his home and went out to investigate. Mr Gleeson, originally from the North Circular Road area of Limerick, encountered a group of people including a woman with a young child attempting to gain access to a nearby property.

After offering help and allowing the woman and infant into his home so she could tend to the child, he was stabbed in the face, stomach, shoulder and leg.


During the frightening ordeal, his assailants lit a fire in the sitting room. Mr Gleeson attempted to leave the scene of the attack, but collapsed a short time later.

A nearby resident alerted firemen to the inferno just after 1.50am and emergency services found the wounded man lying unconscious near the house.

He was immediately rushed to the Mid-Western Regional Hospital where he was recovering yesterday following surgery.

Mr Gleeson's parents were alerted to the attack by hospital staff yesterday morning and rushed to his bedside.

Martin said his son moved into the small house on Mary Street as it was a shorter walk to his workplace.

He said the news of Brian's assault arrived "like a bolt out of the blue".

"We got word this morning. The hospital rang my wife -- that is how we were told," Martin said.

"We are just on the way back to the hospital -- we were out there this morning. He's not in a good way and can't really talk. He couldn't really say a whole lot to us and wasn't able for anything this morning," Martin said.


"He is getting procedures done at the moment and we are on the way back to see how he is."

The wound to his stomach is understood to be the most serious.

"They want to keep an eye on him to check for internal bleeding -- he was stabbed deeply," Martin said.

"He was living out in Mayorstone before this, but the new place in Mary Street was nearer to work.

"He's a manager in the bookies in Johnsgate. He had the whole place to himself and was delighted with it."

The wounded man is the second youngest of four brothers and one sister. Some of his siblings live in Dublin, England and Melbourne and were informed of the attack yesterday.

The house on Mary Street was extensively damaged during the fire. Henry Street gardai are continuing to investigate.

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