Thursday 18 January 2018

Girlz in the hood: the women in the crossfire

Ciara Killeen
Ciara Killeen
Anne Casey
annabel Dundon
Lisa Collins
ciara lynch
April Collins
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The women behind the vicious McCarthy-Dundon gang stood by their men throughout their murderous rampage until one broke free, triggering the implosion of their criminal enterprise. These were the main players.

Annabel Dundon: the younger sister of the Dundon brothers. As a young teenager, she was refused entry into a Limerick nightclub, sparking the chain of violence that culminated in Roy Collins's murder. She allegedly have threatened to kill her brother's ex-girlfriend, April Collins, after they split. She fled to the UK and a warrant is out for her arrest.

April Collins: Ger Dundon's ex and mother of his three children. They split in 2011. After she was threahtened she went to gardai with "some stuff" about murders. John and Wayne Dundon threatened to kill her and her family but she went on to testify against them and other gang members in several trials, including those for the murders of Shane Geoghegan and Roy Collins. She lives in Limerick under Garda protection.

Lisa Collins: April's sister. Her boyfriend was a cousin of the Dundons, and her evidence, along with her boyfriend's, helped convict Nathan Killeen last week. She also testified against John Dundon for murdering Shane Geoghegan, but she and her boyfriend got immunity from prosecution for helping to steal the getaway car used by Shane's killers.

Alice Collins: April and Lisa's mother. She was threatened, first by some Dundon girlfriends and later by Wayne Dundon, who walked into her living room and threatened to kill her and her sons. Like her daughters, she stood up to John and Wayne Dundon in court and they were convicted in 2012 for threatening her family.

Ciara Lynch: Dessie Dundon's partner. After a row at Limerick prison, she turned up at Alice Collins's house in 2010 with three other women and attacked her Suzuki jeep with a sledge hammer. She got a suspended sentence for violent disorder in 2011. She was acquitted a year later of intimidating Alice and April Collins, before they were to testify against John and Wayne Dundon.

Ciara Killeen: John Dundon's partner. She also received a suspended sentence for the attack on Alice Collins's jeep in 2010. That incident

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sparked the Dundons' threats against April Collins, her mother and her brothers. Killeen was in court last week for the sentencing of her brother, Nathan, for Roy Collin's murder. Their mother, Susan, took her own life after the trial began.

Anne Casey: Wayne Dundon's wife. She moved to London with him in 2010 when he was trying to avoid arrest and is believed to still live there. She was in court last week when her husband got life for Roy Collins's murder.

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