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Girl who escaped train death making recovery


Mary Ryan-Hayes: found unconscious on train tracks

Mary Ryan-Hayes: found unconscious on train tracks

Mary Ryan-Hayes: found unconscious on train tracks

DOCTORS are "thrilled" with the progress of a nine-year-old girl who was hospitalised after narrowly avoiding death on a railway line.

Breda Ryan is now focusing on getting her little girl, Mary, home to Tipperary Town where her dad, Matt Hayes, and siblings are praying for her.

"Mary is recovering very well," Ms Ryan, told the Irish Independent yesterday. "Hospital staff are thrilled with her progress."

The little girl is stable in hospital and doctors are confident she will recover from the ordeal.

Initially Ms Ryan thought her daughter was dead as she appeared lifeless on the line. however, she later discovered the girl was still breathing but unconscious after she banged her head.

Mary's dad Matt expressed relief that their daughter survived the accident. "She can be a handful," he said, "but we all love her very much."

"It's an absolute miracle that Mary is alive today," he added.

In a bizarre coincidence, one of Mary's brothers escaped serious injury last week when he was struck by a car in a hit-and-run.

Mr Hayes described how Kieran (10) was hit by a car that "came out of nowhere" while he was crossing the road.

The youngster was shocked by the incident but not seriously injured.

Mary has three other siblings -- Matthew (15), Rebecca (13) and James (7).

Mary was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of South Tipperary General Hospital in Clonmel on Monday night. She had been knocked over by a gust of wind from an oncoming train and banged her head before the train passed over her body.

She was lying unconscious underneath the train as it travelled on the tracks over her body. Mary, who has autism, had reached the train tracks after she climbed a seven-foot high fence in her back garden while her parents thought she was playing on a swing.

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