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Gilmore rejects Adams's advances again

EAMON Gilmore yesterday rejected Gerry Adams's advances for a left-wing coalition with Labour Party because he said Sinn Fein's economic policies were "off the wall".

Mr Adams, the Sinn Fein president, said his party was open to going into Government with Labour, but it was up to the voters to decide on who goes into power.

Despite Labour's continued rejection of a post-election deal with Sinn Fein, Mr Adams said if his party could do business with Ian Paisley and the DUP in the North, it could work with anyone.

Speaking in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, where veteran TD Brendan Howlin and Cllr Pat Cody were unveiled as Labour's General Election candidates, Mr Gilmore ruled out Sinn Fein again.

"I don't think it's mathematically possible and secondly I don't think it can be possible to have an agreement with the government party, their economic policies are just off the wall," he said.

Mr Gilmore again claimed he could be Taoiseach with Labour coming back as the biggest party from the General Election.

"The Labour Party will contest the next General Election independently on its own platform with a view to achieving a Labour-led government.

"Therefore, we are not going to have an alliance with any political party going into the General Election.

"As regards Fine Gael, the Labour party is competing directly with Fine Gael. The next Government will either be a Fine Gael--led government or a Labour-led government and the people will have to decide," he said.

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