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'Ger said they were trying to kill him, they weren't warning shots'

A SHOCKED neighbour described the dramatic moments after the car driven by Ger Killally careered over a ditch as he escaped his attackers.

The man, who did not wish to be named, was the first to come to the aid of the former Fianna Fail councillor and his family.

"He was saying they were trying to kill him. He said 'they weren't warning shots'," the man said.

He described how the silver Passat car went out of control, flipped over a bush and went into a roll. It only stopped when the roof slammed into a concrete shed in a field and the car rolled over onto its wheels.

"They were lucky the shed was there, otherwise it could have been much more serious. I was cutting the grass at the time and I heard a loud bang, which made me look over," he said.


"Ger had gotten out of the car and was running up the field. He was trying to distance himself from his father and the kids in case they came back for him.

"Ger's father was out on the road trying to flag a car to stop but none of them would. The kids were still in the car," he said.

The vehicle that was pursuing the former politician continued up the road before doing a U-turn and speeding towards Edenderry.

"Ger was very shaken, he was worried they were going to come back for him," the man added.

He helped Mr Killally with his two young children. The boy was fine, but the little girl was upset, he said. Mr Killally managed to contact gardai on another man's phone and officers were quickly on the scene.

His father had suffered injuries to his hands while his daughter complained of a pain in her side.

Mr Killally had cuts and scratches from the glass on his arms and hands, while his son was uninjured.

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