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Saturday 19 October 2019

Geoghegan-Quinn 'entitled to give opinion on Seanad vote as politician'

Fiach Kelly Political Correspondent

EUROPEAN Affairs Minister Lucinda Creighton has defended Maire Geoghegan-Quinn's intervention in the Seanad debate after the European Commissioner said she will vote No in the referendum to abolish it.

Although commissioners are allowed comment on domestic politics – but not party politics – it is unusual for them to do so, especially Irish commissioners.

Ms Geoghegan-Quinn this week told the Seanad she will take "great pleasure" in voting No in the October poll.

But Ms Creighton said: "Maire Geoghegan-Quinn is a politician and she's absolutely entitled to hold political views. She's also obviously a towering figure in terms of her domestic political career, so she's fully entitled to express an opinion."

Ms Geoghegan-Quinn declined to elaborate on her views when approached yesterday.

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