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Friday 15 December 2017

General Election candidates who erected posters illegally forced to take them down

Photo: Paul Gogarty
Photo: Paul Gogarty

Barry Lennon and Cormac McQuinn

South Dublin Council has forced candidates to take down election posters, after a number of politicians erected posters in the area and around the country illegally.

The Labour candidates for the area, have not been issued with fines as of yet as a result after their immediate removal.

A spokesperson for South Dublin County said that they had received a number of complaints about the posters.

“I can confirm that by 12 noon today we had received around 30 contacts (phone calls, emails, tweets etc) in relation to the early erection of Election Posters by various candidates as the Polling Day Order has not be signed as of yet,” a statement said.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny was expected to call the General Election earlier today which Junior Minister Ged Nash speculated led to "overly enthusiastic volunteers" erecting posters early.

“Local authorities have their own rules and local authorities will implement the rules so we’ll see what happens there. I think it’s just overenthusiasm,” Mr Nash added.

Electioneering rules state that posters can be erected 30 days before the poll date or from the date the polling day order for the election has been made.

Joanna Tuffy declined to make any comment on the issue but confirmed that her posters were being taken down.

Independent candidate, Paul Gogarty, who is running the area, described the act as “unsporting” on his Facebook page.

“Love my neighbour Joanna so good luck to her. May the best candidate win this time and respect to those that come out to vote, whichever way,” he wrote.

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