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Geldof's 'extraordinary' father leaves €2m in will

THE father of singer and activist Bob Geldof left behind a will of more than €2m following his death last year.

New documents show Bob Geldof Snr, who lived in Croswaithe Park South in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, left €2,113,297.

The former company director died in Dublin last August aged 96 after a varied career.

He was as a chef at London's Carlton Club and with the Cunard Line, before he returned to Ireland to set up his own company, as a manufacturer's agent.

He was also one of the founders of the Dun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club.

In a lengthy and heartfelt eulogy at his funeral, his son described Mr Geldof as an "extraordinary man" with a vast amount of energy who constantly needed something to do.

He had three children -- Bob, Cleo and Lynn -- with his wife Eve. Tragedy struck his life early when Eve died aged just 40.

The future Mrs Geldof was already engaged when they first met, but Mr Geldof would not take no for an answer and the matter was settled by a boxing match with her fiance.

Mr Geldof appointed his daughter Cleo as one of the executors of his will but she died in Spain in October following an illness.

Geldof has spoken and written about the rocky relationship that he and his father had.

At the funeral last year however, he said that his father never stopped him from saying or doing anything or acting the way he wanted to.

"My missus is constantly saying what an elegant man (he was). Elegance . . . is the thing I didn't take from my father," Geldof told the congregation to laughter.

Mr Geldof's will went into probate last week.

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