Thursday 22 February 2018

Gay Mitchell

An improved performance as he initially left the attack-dog tendency at home. His attacks on Martin McGuinness were toned down, and he played for FF votes when he said their "footsoldiers" contributed to democracy. But peaceful Gay didn't last long, and he let fly a few times -- even accusing Mary Davis of not understanding the role of the president.Dana

Dana gave an utterly bizarre performance, raising a scandal about to break concerning her or people associated with her -- but didn't say what it was. Her cack-handed attempt to seize the initiative raised more questions. The public will now be ravenous to find out what the hell she is talking about. Whatever campaign she had imploded last night.

Sean Gallagher

Bluffed on the Fianna Fail question -- again -- and dodged the opportunity to criticise the party's record in government. The equivocation did him damage as his true colours shone through. Muddled initially through a question of constitutional powers but knew enough to come up with a solid example of where the president will use his or her powers.

Martin McGuinness

Put on the back foot after being asked about "being involved in the murder of so many people". Denied taking an oath of loyalty to the IRA and condemned murder of gardai by the IRA. Had little chance to talk about anything else, but said he was committ-ed to peace. Said he had created jobs as deputy first minister, whereas Sean Gallagher had only talked about it.

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