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Saturday 16 December 2017

Gatecrasher concerns at rugby bash

Chris Parkin

Measures were implemented to head off gatecrashers when the Irish embassy in Paris staged a 1980 party to mark the national rugby team's biennial international clash in the French capital.

The move followed incidents at a previous rugby reception in the Avenue Foch embassy when the Irish were last in Paris, two years earlier.

Then the whole event was spoiled by the extent of the gate-crashing by travelling supporters, which apparently involved an amount of "impersonation" of people who had been legitimately invited to the bash and "the excessive breakage, especially towards the end of the evening -- long after the reception was scheduled to have ended."

Ambassador Hugh McCann told the rugby authorities he did not want to break the after-match party tradition at the embassy, but warned there would have to be "firm steps" to avoid a repeat performance.

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