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Gary Hutch's killing has put family's notorious name back on Dublin's crime scene


The Monk Gerry Hutch

The Monk Gerry Hutch

The Monk Gerry Hutch

The name Hutch has been synonymous with organised crime in Ireland since the 1980s due to Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch who masterminded two of the biggest robberies in the history of the State.

In 1987, Hutch made his name in the underworld hierarchy when, at the age of 24, he led the north inner-city gang which robbed £1.3m (€1.6m) from a security van in Marino Mart on Dublin's northside.

The spectacular heist, the biggest cash robbery in Irish criminal history catapulted The Monk into the big league alongside the likes of John Gilligan, George 'The Penguin' Mitchell and Martin Cahill, the General.

But it also placed him squarely in the sights of the Gardaí.

In 1995 Hutch and his gang again made the gangland history books when they were the prime suspects for the robbery of £2.8m (€3.5m) in a daring heist from a cash holding facility in north county Dublin. Hutch remained one of the country's best-known criminal godfathers.

Gardaí say that the fact that he has never been shot is evidence of his standing in the underworld.

However, these days The Monk claims to be retired and spends his time between the Canaries and Dublin.

The murder of his nephew Gary Hutch is the first time a member of the family has been targeted by gangland killers and could be the start of a bloody war.

Speculation has mounted that the murder was ordered by the Kinahan mob in Spain which Gary Hutch had been a member of.

The matter is further complicated because the leader of the mob, Christy Kinahan, the Dapper Don, is a long-time friend and associate of Gerry.

The Monk's children may have eschewed involvement in crime, but his nephew's followed in his footsteps.

Gary Hutch put the family name in lights again when he was involved in the robbery of more than €7.5m from the Bank of Ireland in Dublin following a tiger kidnapping. It set the record as the biggest cash robbery.

His brother, Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch, is also violent gangster and is currently serving sentences for possession of a firearm and manslaughter.

And last week his cousin, convicted criminal Eddie Hutch, was back in the headlines as he won cash prizes totalling €8,000 and a car worth €25,000 on 'Winning Streak'.

His brother Ross had played on Eddie's behalf.

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