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Friday 24 May 2019

Garth Brooks injunction man: 'My family have received death threats over concert fiasco'

Niall O'Connor

A Dublin scaffolder who lodged an injunction against the Garth Brooks concerts has claimed that he and his family have been subject to death threats.

Brian Duff (43) said he tried to legally block the gigs.

Speaking exclusively to today, the father-of-four now says he "deeply regrets" lodging the injunction.

Mr Duff confirmed that he will withdraw the legal proceedings and appealed for the US singer to perform the five concerts later this month.

He said his actions were "against the GAA" and not Garth Brooks.

He also confirmed that a fund worth €15,000 had been collected from friends north and south of the border to support the legal action.

The proceedings, lodged in the High Court on Monday, were aimed at blocking all five of the gigs from taking place.

The legal action was taken against Aiken Promotions and Croke Park.

Sources close to Dublin City Council insisted that Mr Duff's injunction played a major factor in the Garth Brooks gigs being refused.

Because the licenses breached planning laws, the high court was expected to rule in favour of Mr Duff.

Lord Mayor Christy Burke today said he hopes the decision to withdraw the injunction will lead to a change of heart by Mr Brooks.

"I just want to welcome the decision today by Mr Brian Duff who had an injunction against Croke Park in relation to the concerts, that he called to the Mansion House to see me as Lord Mayor to inform me that he has withdrawn the injunction," Mr Burke said.

The Dublin City Councillor said the decision to withdraw the injunction is an "opening of the door" for Garth Brooks to proceed with the gigs.

"I call on Enda Kenny to intervene and ask Mr Brooks to consider doing the three concerts at the end of the month," he said.

The Lord Mayor condemned the threats made against Mr Duff, the majority of which were made on social media.

"I as Lord Mayor who appeal to the people of Dublin to resist this type of behaviour, it's totally unacceptable," Mr Burke said.

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