Wednesday 16 October 2019

Garth Brooks bride: We cancelled our honeymoon to Mexico to see Garth play - now we're down €1,500

Terri Surgeoner and her husband Paul
Terri Surgeoner and her husband Paul
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

A NEWLYWED couple have been left devastated by Garth Brooks’ decision to play none of his licenced three concerts here after cancelling their honeymoon to Mexico in order to see him.

Terri Surgeoner and her husband Paul have lost almost €1,000 by cancelling their honeymoon to Mexico to see the shows.

Terri had never even heard of the singer before meeting Paul, however knew he was a huge fan of Brooks.

“My husband always wanted to see Brooks but we didn't have enough money for both so I cancelled Mexico”

“Now I can't get a refund for my flights to Dublin as we were only going to see Garth”, she told

She said the couple will still travel to Dublin as they can't get a refund and would face losing another €500.

"We even had Garth brooks 'The River' playing at our wedding for when we were having photos taken and walking out of church", she added.

Paul recently became unemployed, and the couple could only afford to make one trip.

Terri said she decided to cancel the honeymoon in order to let her husband make the ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to see the singer perform, as he had been a lifelong fan.

The couple had tickets for the Saturday show, one of the three which was granted a licence.

“I'd never heard of Brooks until I met him so when we heard he was going to Ireland I got him tickets for our anniversary

“He lost his job so instead of cancelling Brooks I cancelled Mexico as seeing Brooks is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

She said that while Dublin City Council have disappointed some fans, Garth himself has let down even more.

“It was Dublin city Council who let the people of the other two gigs down not Brooks - he has now let down more people than Dublin council”.

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