Sunday 18 March 2018

Garreth Murphy: Pat Kenny the pensioner shows no sign of slowing down

Pat Kenny hits 66 today
Pat Kenny hits 66 today

SO Pat Kenny turns 66 today.

At an age when most of us are considering winding down and putting our feet up after a lifetime of work and raising kids, Pat is still putting in the hours with his show on Newstalk.

However, while the veteran broadcaster has said that he doesn’t “pay much heed” to birthdays anymore as he gets older, he’ll still be eligible for a free travel pass from today.

Handy for that early morning commute from leafy Killiney to the city centre each morning.

The veteran broadcaster has spoken in the past of Newstalk being his last major career challenge but if he has a change of heart and decides to hang up his microphone, he’ll also be eligible for his age old pension from today.

Pat was born on 29 January 1948, so under most recent changes to the old age pension, he’d be able to rock up and start claiming.

That’s €219 nicker he’s entitled to every week.

Okay, so it’s not really a patch on his current deal with Newstalk but he’s earned it.

Now the bad news - Pat would have to take a significant hit on his current deal if he’s planning to take up the State pension.


In fairness to Pat, though, he’s been no slouch about putting in the hours. He did 41 years in RTE before making the switch to Newstalk during the summer.

He’ll be getting another hike in his pension when he hits 80 (a cool €229 a week)

But for the meantime, he’ll just have to make do with  the free travel.

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