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Gardai use taser gun to overpower grandfather holding knife

A TASER gun was used to overpower a grandfather who was brandishing a large knife in broad daylight in the middle of a busy street.

The 52-year-old man -- who had been recently released from prison -- had refused to surrender to gardai in Limerick city yesterday after they initially pepper-sprayed him.

The drama unfolded on Upper Henry Street in Limerick city yesterday afternoon around 3pm.

Pedestrians and workers in nearby offices watched as uniformed gardai, detectives, and members of the Regional Support Unit attempted to get the man to put down the knife, but he refused to do so.

He was then pepper-sprayed by an officer.

However, the grandfather continued to brandish the knife at officers and a member of the Regional Support Unit then fired a taser shot at the man. He was struck in the chest and immediately dropped to the ground.

The man was later medically treated and brought to Henry Street garda station where he remained last night.

He was previously jailed for six years following a gun attack in Limerick in 2005. Two other men were also convicted and jailed for the same attack.

The victim -- who survived -- was shot three times in the chest and neck with a pump-action shotgun.

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