Monday 20 November 2017

Gardai to forge ahead with industrial action until ballot

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

The Garda Representative Association is not expected to call off its limited industrial action until it has balloted its members on the terms of the Croke Park pay deal.

The rank-and-file association is to hold its annual conference in Limerick later this month when a new phase in its campaign of action is due to be announced.

But this may be put on hold, pending the outcome of the vote.

The current action involves a "withdrawal of goodwill" where gardai inform their local superintendents through their association representative that they are no longer prepared to use their personal mobile phones, laptops and cameras for official duties.

However, there has been little support among the gardai for the measure and the garda authorities report that there have been no recorded problems as a result.

Less than 3pc of the group signalled their support in signed forms to the superintendents and officers around the country say the action has not impacted on operations.

The Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors had intended to announce it was taking limited industrial action at its annual conference in Galway earlier this week.

However, the announcement was dropped when it became clear that a new pay deal had emerged from the Croke Park negotiations.

The mid-rank gardai intended to work what was dubbed a "work to role", which meant their members would not carry out the duties of rank-and-file colleagues, such as going out in patrol cars or taking to the beat on the streets when there was not a sufficient number of gardai on duty.

But they said that members of the public would not be affected by the action of their members.

The representative associations are due to meet with garda management and officials from the Department of Justice later this month to discuss proposals to change the terms of the pension scheme for newly recruited gardai.

At present, pensions are calculated by selecting the most attractive annual salaries in three out of the last 10 years of service.

A proposal on the table for negotiation will be based on taking a percentage of the salary from each year and investing it until a full pension can be calculated.

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