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Gardai seize gun after woman hospitalised with leg wound

GARDAI seized a handgun after a raid on a Cork house triggered by a woman seeking medical attention for a gunshot wound.

The woman, who is in her 30s, attended the Mercy University Hospital (MUH) in the early hours of this morning with a leg wound.

When doctors examined her thigh, they suspected the wound was inflicted by a gun or high-powered pellet weapon.

The woman’s injury is not life-threatening – and Gardai were immediately notified of the incident.

Gardai then raided a property off the Kilmore Road shortly before 2am and during a detailed search recovered a handgun.

The weapon – which turned out to be a high-powered pellet gun - was removed for forensic analysis.

No arrests were made but Gardai are preparing a file for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Gardai hope to speak with the woman about the circumstances in which she suffered her injury once she is medically fit to do so.

She is understood to be in a comfortable condition and is expected to be discharged later today.

Gardai had not been notified of the incident before being made aware of it by MUH staff in accordance with strict protocols.

It is unclear whether the shooting followed a row or whether the woman may have been accidentally hit by a stray pellet fired by the high-powered weapon.