Tuesday 24 October 2017

Gardai rule out probe into supply of drugs

Tom Brady Security Editor

GARDAI have no plans to hold an investigation into the death of RTE broadcaster Gerry Ryan following the disclosure at his inquest that he had taken cocaine.

Officers said last night it was not known who had supplied the drug to Mr Ryan, and the absence of a suspect and a specific complaint meant that any investigation at this stage was unlikely to be meaningful.

However, his death has again highlighted the dangers of taking cocaine.

The Celtic Tiger era became a boom period for cocaine traffickers and led to a huge growth in the number of crime gangs, who turned to trafficking to generate massive profits.

The death of model Katy French in December 2007 resulted in a fall-off in 'coke' usage in the weeks immediately afterwards, as her case dominated headlines and doctors warned of the risks.

But the end of the boom was a more important factor in the drop in cocaine use.

The number of cocaine seizures in Europe has fallen by 66pc since the peak reached in 2007 when there were 63 cocaine-related deaths here.

But despite this, a recent EU report listed Ireland as one of five states with a serious cocaine problem. Recently, however, there have been signs of a huge scarcity of cocaine on the streets here, largely because the trafficking gangs no longer have the cash available to buy it wholesale overseas.

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